The Mother Of All Secret Entrance Doors

I am sure you’re familiar with the legends of secret doorways in castles and mansions. They are always there and usually lead you straight to another room or they work as an emergency exit if you need to use it. They are usually concealed and almost impossible to detect if you don’t know where they are located. We have all seen those little tricks where you look for air drafts in order to detect the door that is hidden. I have no clue if it works, but that’s how they say you are supposed to be able to find those hidden pathways.

Well, this one is a little bit different. It’s a secret doorway that is truly the mother of them all. Try finding the air draft on this one, and I am sure you will be rewarded. The fact that it gives the house an entirely new… uh… approach is definitely an understatement. I sure wouldn’t mind being able to open up the entire side of the house on a sunny day.

You could have some serious parties without having to load people into a cramped area where you’ll just feel locked in and squeezed together like sardines. Also, it would make for a pretty cool burglar alarm if you ask me. Imagine the burglar cracking a window, getting inside the house and starting to loot it. In the middle of the looting, the house senses that something is just not right and opens up the entire wall for your neighbors to see the burglar in action. It could definitely be a scare tactic where the burglar will drop the loot and run away. Hmm, where is that clicker again…