The One Bike Fit For Willy Wonka | Flying Bike

I know some people who almost treat their bicycle as a religion in itself. They take it to work, to the store, to pick up the kids from the daycare and even go on vacation on them. To me it sounds like a true adventure but I’d rather just stick to the old 4 wheeled transportation for comfort when I am supposed to have a vacation. I don’t consider biking to be much of a vacation when I have to peddle my butt off just to get there. But then again I could probably use the exercise. Sitting around here doing what I love with the Rebels Brand Network isn’t exactly getting me loads of running hours logged.

But, when I saw this new concept bike I lit up like a child in a candy store and I got that enormous adrenaline kick to just get out there and wheel around a bit. I would be the coolest kid in the town riding around on this bad boy called “Flying Bike“. I would be the Bike King!

The three designers (Hoyoung Lee, Youngwoo Park, and Jungmin Park) behind this ultimate spaced out bike have really struck a nerve and I think Willy Wonka would be their first customer to buy it. The design really reminds me of the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” for some reason. Maybe it’s because of the Tim Burton shapes it sports or just the candy grass color it is graced with. Either way, Willy Wonka would be a happy camper traveling around on this one between his different candy factory departments.

What’s neat with the bike is that the “seat” (if you could call it that) will never move even if you travel over speed bumps or other bumpy obstacles. The seat will stay aligned no matter what happens. It’s the frame that will adjust to the wheels instead of the wheels adjusting to the bumps with shocks. It is kinetic energy that makes this possible. As the biker picks up speed the bike will “lift” off the ground and create a truly smooth and comfortable ride.

The bike is not yet in production but you can be sure that when it does the bike as we know it will be changed forever. No more comfortable seats. It unfortunate looks a little like we’re supposed to “dock” with the bike. Hrm, is it a chick bike perhaps?