The Snakebot: Scarier Than Any Real Snake

Politics and war are big business. In countries all around the world, people are dreaming up new ways to outsmart their enemies to “win” a war. However, is there ever really a winner? In my opinion, everyone loses when there is violence in the world.

We’ve written probably a dozen articles on Bit Rebels about how we are advocates of peace and happiness in the world, although unfortunately, with so much hate between many nations, I don’t see that peaceful world that we dream of happening soon. I won’t give up hope though. Once we give up on our dreams, we truly stop living, so I will keep that dream alive in my heart.

If this second-generation snake robot was introduced as a new spy gadget to play with, or as a fun distraction to keep on our desk, I would think it was sooooo cool. However, it wasn’t presented that way. This is a new tool that a government has commissioned to gain intelligence and valuable photographs on the front line, during battle, in a war.

This is called a snakebot, and when you watch the video below, it will blow your mind. This little thing slithers through the grass, looking like a real snake, taking pictures, planting listening devices, detach segments filled with explosives, etc… and most likely remaining undetected or avoided (after all, even soldiers dislike snakes, right?). However, here is the kicker… IF this snake is detected, and if it’s blown up or shot or whatever, it becomes even more powerful! It will break off (just like a real worm segments) into smaller, independent snakes. Holy bajeeeeezus!

According to dvice, “each segment of this snakebot is totally self-contained with a brain, sensors, motors and batteries. While the segments are designed to work together… each segment is capable of operating by itself if the snake gets damaged.” Right now, this snakebot is learning how to slither more realistically, after that; he’ll be ready for battle. Wth?

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