The Startup Ecosystem: Tech Roles Compared [Infographic]

Planning and executing a startup is one of the hardest things you can do in order to make sure you stay on course. Having an intricate plan for how you will scale your business is key to your success in many cases, and it’s a necessity to stay inspired and not lose focus. However, building the perfect plan is anything but easy these days. If you want the best possible start, it’s vital that you use the Internet to your advantage. This will in turn require quite a few different tech roles to be included in your master plan. Everything from a web designer to your customers need to be aligned with what you offer, and the better they understand your concept, the better your results will be in the beginning.

To further give you an idea about the different roles in a startup, Udemy has taken their “data” to Column Five to produce an infographic that will guide you through the different positions, if that is what you could call it. It’s evident that they have spent some time building this badboy, and the fact that they have used the animal kingdom as their form of data visualization is quite interesting. I don’t know if it makes it all clearer though, or if it just jumbles it up, but that’s all the same.

The purpose of this infographic is purely to give you a better understanding about the different roles in a startup and what might be their focus and “enemies” as you progress your startup from idea to reality. For anyone who isn’t inside the core of a newly formed company, it could be hard to understand what each role really does within the startup, but this thing should clear that right up. After having looked at it for a few minutes, I must say however that it takes a while to get used to the whole animal concept of it all. Once that hurdle is gone, it is a quite neat and interesting infographic that could really open some eyes regarding what it takes and what roles are involved with a great idea when it comes to gaining success.

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