The Symbian Opera

These days browsers are big talk for those who use the web like some kind of drug deprived addict.  People build up a passionate loyalty to their browser of choice, whatever it may be.

As the web becomes more and more mobile and phones are designed to handle the internet in competitive and interactively rich ways, you would think that more developers would be starting to make version of their software for the new generation of mobile devices.

We all know that iPhone have an app for everything and Android phones were really built for the web, but what about one of the other major phone OS Symbian?  Well there maybe one very clever browser developer who have just slipped in there to help me and my fellow Symbian smart phone users out of the default browser zone.

Opera have released an extremely stable, fast and attractive version of their browser for your Symbian mobile.  Packed with features that include tabbed browsing and support for javascript and flash – Opera have built something very special, and personally I love using it!

So if you want more out of your Symbian mobile you need to get this app.

Opera Mobile 10 beta 2