The Ultimate Internet Troll’s Dickhead Rating Chart

This little chart below has gone completely viral in the past 24 hours. When I looked at it more closely, I understood why. It touches on a topic that many bloggers are familiar with, and that is Internet trolling. If you have comments open on your blog, and if you don’t moderate them (we don’t moderate comments here on Bit Rebels), it’s really nice for your readers because they get the instant gratification of being part of a conversation and seeing their comment show up right away. It’s a form of blogging transparency.

However, there is a dark side to it as well, which is one reason why some people choose to moderate comments. If you’ve had any amount of blogging success, you’ve probably had an experience or two with Internet trolls. In my opinion, 99.9% of the people online are absolutely wonderful. I adore my Internet friends, but there is always a troll in the bunch somewhere, right? Those are the people who like to be mean just for the sake of being mean. I don’t understand it, but I’ve experienced it.

Now when I get those kinds of comments, they make me laugh. Back when I first started blogging a few years ago though, it was a whole different story. Getting a troll comment back then would throw me into a crying freak-out that usually didn’t end until Richard talked some sense back into me. I look back at that time, and it’s a little embarrassing. I know though that we all have those blogging growing pains to evolve through, and at the time, it was just a natural reaction.

This little chart is so creative and funny, and also very true. I laughed when I read this, and the little “dick ratings” just add to the humor. Have you ever left a troll-like comment on a blog because you were having a bad day or mad about something? Where do you fall on this chart? Are you on Level 1, which is The High Road? Are you on Level 5, which is the Insult Inferno (and you now realize you are a huge dick)? The only person who can answer that question is you! You can purchase one of these charts in poster-form by going to HilariAwesome. Designers: H. Caldwell Tanner and Rosscott Nover

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Internet Trolling Dickhead Infographic

Via: [Laughing Squid] Header Image Credit: [Dial-a-Phone]