The Ultimate Guide For Creating Viral Content [Infographic]

If you are a blogger, a content creator, or a curator on any of the many social media sharing services, you know that getting a viral hit is everything. When you achieve a viral hit, all your efforts suddenly seem worth it. Creating viral content isn’t the easiest of tasks no matter how you look at it. The larger and more active your following is, the greater your chance of getting a viral submission or post. But how do you succeed with this mysterious endeavor?

We here at Bit Rebels are constantly trying to drum up content that will become viral. We have had a lot of it throughout the years, but it always happens unexpectedly. Only on a couple of occasions have we foreseen a post that might become popular, but never have we known prior to posting something that it would end up being viral content. If you were constantly thinking about creating viral content, you would most likely have a hard time producing the on-the-edge content constantly.

The rare and few pieces of content that actually go viral are so small that trying to calculate it would be a headache in the making. The best way to create viral content is to look inside yourself for inspiration. What catches your eye? What makes you sit through a whole clip without moving an inch? Where do you usually find viral content?

These questions are important to ask if you want to become a viral content creator. You can’t hit the ball out of the park every time, it just won’t happen. Instead, spend your time building a following that enjoys your content. With time, that will serve as your engine to project your content into the Internet stratosphere, where it will be picked up by hoards of blogs and websites all around the globe.

To make it slightly easier to know what content works (yes, sometimes that can be just a tiny little shortcut), I have found an infographic called The Anatomy Of Going Viral presented by SingleGrain. It takes you through the key parts of what has become viral in the past, and what you could incorporate in order to reach the same status. Also on the infographic are a couple of examples that will help push your inspiration level further up the ladder to make sure you reach for the stars and not the city limits where you currently sit. Enjoy what you create. Be creative and stay hungry. That’s all it usually takes.

How To Create Good Viral Content

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Guide To Viral Content Infographic