The Weird And Secret Room Where Apple Tests Their Phones!

You know when you watch those movies and TV shows that give you a glimpse of the inside of a crime lab or a technology headquarters, it’s always something off the hook. It’s always something that makes us geeks either go, “Wow, I want my room to look just like that!” or “That’s not how it works cause…” It never fails, and we are constantly trying to make sense of the stuff that they are actually using and the way it all works. However, I can honestly say that the truth isn’t so far from what is depicted in these highly successful shows.

As a matter of fact, chances are that you are reading this on a device that has been tested in exactly a room like that, a room that will make even the secret space facilities in Armageddon look pale in comparison. The device that I’m referring to is, of course, Apple’s cell phones, or, to be more specific, the iPhone.

When Apple tested the device, they had to construct a room where they could simulate a ton of different scenarios. And let me tell you, this room is nothing less than just as cool as you could ever imagine. The sheer brilliance of its construction is mind boggling, and trying to make sense of the angles, curves and… stuff is probably not going to be worth the time. Why? Well, cause you will probably not be able to.