The World’s Most Secure Safe… For Watches!

As some of you know, I am a watch fanatic. Since they are one of the few jewelry accessories a guy can wear, I started to collect them. They are, of course, not so valuable that they would need the world’s most secure safe, but this little slab of hardware was something that caught my eye instantly. If you have ever seen a movie a’la Oceans Eleven (Twelve and Thirteen) you know that breaking into a secure safe is done instantly by these guys. However, when it comes to this safe, they will no longer be so confident in their ability.

The guys over at Brown Safe Mfg. have created something that will make you marvel. It’s called The Chronos, and it’s a heck of a technology muscle package. It will probably take you until the end of eternity before you will ever be able to break into it. So why is it so unbreakable? Well, have a look at these features, and I am sure you will understand.

First off, the shell is created by military-grade ballistic armor plating. On top of that, you have biometric finger recognition, a GPS anti-theft system and a multi-sensor alarm with home automation incorporation. If that isn’t enough, it also has automatic watch winders. So, if you ever have the idea to break into one to try and steal what might be sitting inside, just don’t! You will never get away with it… really!