The World’s Smallest 64GB Integrated Solid State Drive (iSSD)

This blows my mind! This new SanDisk 64GB integrated SSD (iSSD) is smaller than a postage stamp and weighs less than a paperclip. Whaaaaaa? This itty-bitty nugget of happiness is the first in the new embedded SSD category and is designed for portable devices like ultra-thin tablets, mobile computers, iPhones, iPods, etc…

To me, this seems like another response to the consumer’s desire to have lightweight, convenient, easy, anytime-I-want-it internet access to their favorite content.

I know what you are thinking… I’d like to see this integrated into the next iPad too. Last time I looked though, SSDs were still really pricey. I couldn’t find the exact price of this drive so I called SanDisk directly. Their customer service department told me they would have to take down my phone number and call me back with the price. Hmm… that doesn’t sound good. I’m confident it will be a luxury for those who can pay the piper, for now. You can read the all the geeky details in the official press release from SanDisk here.