World’s Smallest Wireless Router Looks Like A USB Stick

I kinda gave it away in the title of this article, but if you hadn’t read that, and if you pictured what the world’s smallest wireless router looked like, it wouldn’t be this small, right? I was picturing something about half the size of an ordinary router, but I never would have thought a router could be the size of a USB stick. This is obviously a router, not a USB stick, but it sure looks like a USB stick.

This little device would be perfect for people who travel a lot, or even those people who have a very limited amount of space on their desk. I have to admit, it would be great to get rid of my current bulky wireless router, which is taking up too much space on its shelf.

This world’s smallest router is another product by ASUS. According to, “The Asus WL-330NUL weighs just 25 grams and measures just 65 x 20 x 15mm. Even so, it offers 802.11 b/g/n support, a single Ethernet port, and can be connected to your PC/laptop via a free USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. It doesn’t require a separate power connection since it can get all the juice it needs over USB.”

This little thing definitely has the x factor. It’s not for sale yet, but as of February 14, you’ll be able to order it here on Expansys. You can pre-order it now, but the price has not been announced yet. I hope they don’t charge a lot just because it’s the world’s smallest and super geeky looking. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. This little thing packs a powerful punch. How would you like to be able to fit your router in your pocket? I would like that a lot!

World’s Smallest Wireless Router

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Via: [Wordless Tech] Image Credits: [designboom]


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    Justin 10 years

    Too bad they haven’t made a router that can draw power directly from the Ethernet cable; cutting any addition need for a power cable (even that of a USB connection) would be great.

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