The World’s Smallest Snowman Is Thinner Than A Human Hair!

We at Bit Rebels love sharing information with our wonderful readers. I have a friend who reads Bit Rebels on a regular basis, and she mentioned to me that she finds the site loaded with useful tips, fun information and trivia. Winter is here for our friends in countries that have snow. I personally have never seen snow, I’ve only seen it in pictures and on television, and I find it interesting. I think the closest I have come to experiencing snow is eating a snow cone, which is that drink made from shaved ice with flavor added on it. But seriously, I read that it is very unlikely for two snowflakes to be exactly alike. I also know that people like creating snow angels and having snowball fights. And, of course, people like building snowmen during the winter season.

Did you know that the world’s smallest snowman is 10 µm across and 1/5 the width of a human hair? This particular snowman was made from two tin beads used to calibrate an electron microscope astigmatism. A nanomanipulation system was used to assemble the snowman. It is fascinating to watch how the snowman was made, and I have included the video here for your appreciation. It just goes to show how man can truly be creative when given the right equipment and technology.

Image Source [Marina Oskov / Shutterstock]