The World’s Cheapest Car Is Now The World’s Most Expensive!

Buying a car is a whole science, and finding the right one for you isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Making sure it fits your economy should be the easiest thing, while knowing what you’ll get is probably the hardest. Some manufacturers focus on creating the next luxury car for the rich, and others aim to please the general population and their wallets. Then there is Tata, the premiere manufacturer of the world’s cheapest car. With a price close to an Apple Macbook, there is little to expect but a basic car to get.

Well, it turns out that the Tata Nano will soon become the world’s most expensive car. The people at Goldplus, the jewelry division of Titan Industries, are celebrating the 5,000th year anniversary of Indian jewelry, and they are doing so with the blinging of a Tata Nano. It will be bedazzled with precious stones, gold and silver, and it will have no competition when it comes to bejeweling.

A contest was held where three submissions were chosen to become the target of the voting community. They are all rendered, but the winning contribution will be replicated into a real car. A spokesman said:

This priceless car will be a single unit as a symbol of our precision capabilities and will serve as a memento and not for sale.

So I am sorry to disappoint any of you wanting to get one of your own. This is a one off only, and it will not become anyone’s possession except the original owner.