The World’s First Working Transparent Car

One frustrating thing about big SUVs and expensive sports cars is that in almost every one, the front windows are smaller than the windows in regular vehicles. This brings with it a ton of hidden angles that the driver can’t see around and can’t pay attention to. This also makes the car very hard to drive since you must always pay attention to what might be appearing in these hidden angles. Most accidents happen because the driver wasn’t able to see whether there was another vehicle speeding up beside or behind him.

Shell, the oil and petroleum company, decided to change all that, and at the same time show the world why their oil is the best one for your car. They thought that if they could show you how the oil flows inside the car and how it is used, you would see why you should choose their oil. They went through several ideas about how to make this possible. They considered everything from x-rays to mini cameras. However, the final decision was to make a car exclusively out of transparent materials.

This entailed remaking and coping each part of the car, all 2,000 parts of it, to make it possible to really see the oil work its magic inside the car’s engine, etc… Upon finishing this, they shot their commercial and it’s nothing less than stunning. A lot of people have argued that the whole thing is a stunt and that the car, of course, is computer generated. So, Shell set out to distribute the behind the scenes information to really show how the car was built. Let me tell you, it’s a marvel of engineering, and I’m stunned by the fact that it is actually working. I so want one of these now… imagine the easy driving capabilities, but then again, privacy would be no show. Maybe that wouldn’t matter, after all, we’re all used to giving up our secrets all over social networks… right?