You Don’t Want This Bug In Your System!

Bugs… not only are they insects that pest our gardens, houses and lives, but they are also a common occurrence in a programmer’s life. New code is never perfect, and usually it needs a few hours of tinker time in order for it to work just as it’s intended. Getting these “bugs” out of your system can sometimes be tedious and time consuming work though. The reason they are called “bugs” is because of that particular reason. You never know where they are and sometimes they’re hard to find.

Marc Da Cunha Lopes (Photographer) and Ben @ Asile Paris (3D Artist) decided to more genuinely and accurately portray this so they put together a series of retouched and edited photographs. The result is a stunningly intense and quite horrific sequence called “Primary Bug” which describes a situation you will most likely never want to find yourself in.

If you were ever to find these bugs in your system, I would suggest calling an exterminator quite quickly. The series is brilliant and the edited photographs are totally seamless. The detail is also enormously stunning and the lighting does its best to make the scenes even more thrilling. Cockroaches aren’t exactly the first thing you want to find in your server station, but if you do find them, maybe it’s time to call Microsoft so they can send a technician out to fix the problem.