This HD Phone Breaks All Boundaries – Design Fetish

We’re getting used to the fact that the cell phones of today are pretty much coming from the same companies over and over again. There is not much new stuff happening on that front, or even new players in the market trying to get into the game. Well, it could very well be the case that we never see them since they are constantly being out maneuvered by the larger players in the market. Either way, there should be some changes coming up quite soon. At least if you’re asking the designers behind this highly designed and technology cramped cell phone.

Four designers, Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth, Toni Weichselbraun, and Max Salesse took the stage and created what could only be described as design fetish. The lines break all boundaries of what streamlined and straight forward design really is. This thing of beauty is totally changing the way we look at the every day cell phone.

Their outrageous design speaks of heavier things lurking inside the phone, and it must be something really awesome. Imagine the space inside there being cramped with tomorrow’s technology. I surely wouldn’t mind playing around with one to check out the possibilities. The screen isn’t exactly bad either. That lush and huge screen resonates with everything that is called a designer in me. It’s superbly done, and I can’t wait for it to drop into stores… if it ever will.