This Is How A Cell Phone Keyboard Should Be Done!

The one most argued feature of the cell phone is probably the keyboard. There are really two camps that battle for their way of setting it up. The two are of course the touch screen keyboard which saves valuable space on the phone giving it more screen, and the physical keyboard that works way faster; however, limits the screen space. It would be wrong to say that one is better than the other when it’s really up to the user.

There’s now a new player in the game, and I am all excited about the way it’s been conceived and laid out. It’s something of a hybrid and not at the same time. It’s something that will save both screen space yet still give you the physical keyboard that you crave so much when using a touch screen smartphone.

It’s called “Key Swing,” and it comes as a prototype. It’s wonderfully beautiful, and the fast way you can just access it or get rid of it is nothing less than brilliant. In my opinion this is how it should be on every cell phone. Let the user decide themselves whether they want the physical keyboard or the touch screen. It could just be an option in the “settings” menu whether you would like the physical one or the touch screen one to be active. Simple as that! Brilliant!