This Is Probably The World’s Strongest iPhone 4 Case!

Remember when that whole thing went down with the iPhone 4 and the premature revealing of everything it was about? That poor guy supposedly got too drunk and lost his highly secret iPhone 4, encapsulated in a shell which was meant to disguise it as something else. When all that went down, I wondered if Apple ever thought about not letting their employees bring home their precious work. I keep wondering was there really nothing else they could have encapsulated the cell phone in?

Well, if they had just looked around a little or hired some pristine metal worker, they might have come up with something like this. This is something that would have made the disassemble a little bit harder to complete. Put your iPhone in this case, and you’ll be sure that it will be kept safe. However, also remember that your phone will probably resemble something brought back from the 1980s when the first cell phones were introduced.

Designer Ryan Glasgow who works for LtdTools has put together this awesome iPhone 4 case, and it looks stunning. The body of it is 304 Stainless Steel, and if you thought that dropping your phone would be bad… well… this case will probably absorb 90% of that shock, depending on how high you drop the phone from of course. For example, it won’t be saved if you throw it out of a plane, just so you know.