This Is The First Real Photo Of An Alien Planet

There are several alien planets that we are all familiar with, and I am not talking about the planets in our own solar system. We have Pandora, LV-426 and Krypton that are forever stamped in our minds and hearts. There have been talks for a long time about how there should be millions and millions of planets which could inhabit life of some kind. However, this of course has not been proven. Until now that is.

Well, not really. It’s impossible for us to know if there is any life on any other planets cause we’ve only been able to imagine it. But, now scientists have been able to take a photo of an alien planet that has now been confirmed is a real planet and not a star.

The planet, orbiting a star in the 1RXS J160929.1-210524 solar system is eight times bigger than our own Jupiter. It was first discovered back in 2008 but couldn’t be confirmed until recently. Why? Because the star occluded the planet and a new form of optical electronics had to be developed in order to free the planet from the blur of the star’s light rays. So now we know there is a planet out there that is not in our solar system, but don’t think we’ll be able to go there anytime soon. The planet is 500 light years away so taking a conventional spaceship to travel there is kind of out of the question.