This Is The World’s Most Useless Machine EVER!

Every day there are new products being launched and put onto the shelves in the shops we visit. Some of them become instant successes while others dwindle into the darkness. A failure can come as fast as the product became known and vice versa. However, is there a device or a machine that we would all want but that does absolutely nothing? Of course there is, and let me tell you about it. It’s one of the most awesome things I have seen in quite a while.

While saying that, I suddenly realize that I would actually spend money on something that does absolutely zipp, nada, nil! How about that! And you might ask, why? And it’s a good question really. The reason why I, and everyone that has checked this awesome little contraption out, like it so much is because of just that fact. It does nothing.

As a matter of fact, it undoes everything you do with it. It is really just a box and a switch. You turn on the machine, and the machine turns itself off. No matter how much you want to turn it on, it will always turn off itself. That’s all it does, but it looks like so much fun. I am sure someone like me could sit and play with it for hours. There is a little nagging question about how it all works, but I guess that’s exactly why the machine is so appealing. Genius!