Instant Translation Device Translates 180 Different Spoken Languages

The increase in people migrating all over the world has created a problem that most innovators have so far not been able to crack. It is the language barrier that is becoming ever more evident when people are in distress or in trouble with the law. For the police, this is a huge problem which they have tried to solve by having the person write or even draw on a piece of paper. This new instant translation device will change all that in the coming future.

The instant translation device is called ELSA (Enabling Language Service Everywhere) and will make the job for the police in Plymouth a whole lot easier. Two ELSA devices have been given to the police for evaluation purposes. When they are fully implemented in the United States and the world, they should become a universal tool that could change, and possibly eliminate, language barriers altogether. I know, this instant translation device sounds like something from a science fiction movie, and the insane number of languages this device can translate is mind-bogglingly impressive.

When the developers of this device designed it, they decided to incorporate not only a high-quality microphone and speaker, enabling clear communication, but also a recording mechanism that could be used to record the conversations so other police officers can rewind and listen to what the person said as well. Not only that, but this instant translation device’s recordings can also be used as evidence.

Even though ELSA is for now used for police business only, the technology behind this device harbors technology that enables instant translation into any of these 180 languages into business and government terminology so people with special training are able to correctly understand even the more complex conversations.

Once widely used, this device will most definitely make the world an easier place to live in. Maybe in a few years, this translation technology will be incorporated into our smartphones as well. That way, backpacking would become a whole lot more fun, don’t you think? [ELSA instant translation device is developed by RTT Mobile]

RTT Mobile’s ELSA – Instant Translation Device