This Is The World’s Highest Resolution Picture Ever Taken!

When digital photography is getting better and better there is no secret that almost everything has to do with how many pixels your digital camera can achieve documenting. Unfortunately, with size comes space and it takes a lot of space to save a huge picture like this. This is especially true on your digital camera where space is probably quite limited if you want to take pictures at the size of the world’s highest resolution picture.

In an attempt to break new ground and always push the boundaries, Halta Definizione has created the world’s highest ever resolution in a picture. Or actually, the image consists of 1,677 different shots and is then stitched together to make a truly amazing, if not wondrous picture where depth gets a new meaning.

So what is this picture portraying? Well, it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t Leonardo da Vinci’sThe Last Supper“. The depth of the image is just mind boggling. You can zoom down to the smallest grain of paint and still not lose the clarity or the crispness of the image itself. It’s really amazing to zoom and pan around in search of those infamous details that we all know of since the movie “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown.

The original 15 by 30 foot painting was photographed over a period of 9 hours and later meticulously stitched together where the tapestry of images finally became a fully viewable and zoom-able image. This image has never before been seen in it’s full scale on the Internet.

Just to clarify, the entire image takes up over 2 terabytes of hard disk space and it takes 16 gigabyte of ram memory to correctly process it in real time. The gallery now sports even more images in the same high resolution format so if you’re looking for awesomeness then Halta Definizione is a great place to get it.

Now Leonardo da Vinci’s painting can be viewed by millions down to the very last detail. The Internet and the technology we see advancing each and every day never ceases to amaze me. To view the pixel (172181 x 93611) image just go to their website and be inspired!