Tic Tock | modern clocks

I’m sure you’ve noticed my love for bringing art into the home. Today I want to share this collection of fantastic wall clocks. Seems like most of the designs I really love are from Italy, one of my favorite countries for art and culture. Even though I can’t stand ticking sounds, I can appreciate a beautiful clock design. Believe it or not, I prefer these wall clocks over digital ones any day, just don’t make me sleep in the same room : ).


This Lemon clock is made from recycled HDPE and available for $45 from Re:modern


Love this sculptural installation clock, Handmade in Italy$232 by Unica


Vitra Eye clock, super sleek design, made from original drawings of George Nelson, $410 from mod livin’


Incredible modern day coo-coo clock,  $350 from  momentoitalia.com


Stunning  and expressive design, another Italian beauty, $165 from Speranza Design