Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Site

So, you have shelled out some cash to create a website and you are all set to go. You have created content and you have great things to say or to sell. You have told your friends and family about the site and you are very proud of it. But how do you know go about driving the numbers upwards? Quality design and content are very important ingredients for success but a site with good content that is not seen by anyone is a failure. The goal of any website is to be seen and to be seen by the people that it is meant to target. So how do you go about building traffic on the website? Here are a few tips and ideas to help drive the numbers.

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Search Engines Are Your Friends

There are two types of visitors to a website, return visitors or new visitors. The return visitors are people who have been to your site, who have liked it and who now come back on a regular basis, arriving at the site by typing the URL into their browser. New visitors are users who are discovering your platform for the first time.

And one of the best ways to be discovered is through search engines. These are things like Google and Bing and Yahoo. A user types a phrase into the search engine, it goes out and finds the best matches and sites that it is most comfortable to recommend, and it returns a list of answers.

So being at the top of the search engine list is important for traffic. And how do you get there? You need to ensure that your sites’ SEO is on point. This is a process that is difficult to understand but quite easy to implement. So, find an expert who can steer you in the right direction, look for them online and see how well they are indexed with the search engines, and then make contact. The better you have indexed the more traffic you will find is able to discover you.


Don’t just post articles or posts on social media, be very focused on engaging with your users. The internet is a place to have conversations and to interact with people. Unless you are a genuine subject matter expert, from whom people are happy to receive a digital lecture, rather talk with your audience. Host conversations and take a real interest in what the users are saying and what they want. You want them to feel completely at home on your site, so that they keep coming back, and telling their friends about it.


It is very important to recognize that the site that you have produced is being written for a reason and with a specific audience in mind. Unless you are writing a personal blog, as some kind of personal therapy, the site is not just a place for you to indulge yourself. It is meant to target a specific audience and fulfill certain user needs. You cannot just post random pictures of cats that you find funny. Save that sort of thing for FaceBook.

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