Tool Organizer Ideas For Handy Dads

Don’t you hate it when you need a tool but can’t find it? While dads might be incredibly handy, the one thing many of them aren’t good at is organization. How can you better organize your tools? There are plenty of techniques and products that you can add to your tool kit so your tools become much more organized because let’s face it, while organization might be annoying, it makes the job that much easier.

Who doesn’t want to be efficient when working? One of the first steps towards organizing your tools would be getting a box to store your nails and your screws. This way, you can have them sorted by size and easy to find and pull out. For your socket wrenches, look into an organizer that stores all of your socket heads to make them neat and orderly.

Multi-head screwdrivers also allow you to keep all your screwdriver heads on you, reducing the amount of time spent looking for a different head. Whether you are a handy dad yourself or looking to buy a gift for your handy dad, here are some excellent tool organizer ideas that you can never go wrong with.

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Screw And Nail Boxes

How many times have you started a project only to find out that you grabbed the wrong set of nails or screws? From there, how hard was it to find the proper set? By getting a proper storage container for your screws and nails, you can be sure that when it comes time to finish your project, you have the right equipment. There are many different types of boxes you can use to help sort these products, but one of the best, easiest, and cheapest ways is to use an old tackle box.

While these are fantastic for fishing, they can easily be converted into storage for nails and screws. They come with many different compartments ensuring that you can have plenty of room and variation for each other kind of screw and nail you’ll find.

Never struggle to find the right size or screw again with a good screw or nail box. This can save you hours on any project and allow you to complete that many more in a day. Every handy dad should take their old tackle box and convert it into a screw and nail box.

Socket Wrench Kits

Socket wrenches are an immensely useful tool that can be used to tighten nuts and bolts with ease. With a large number of sockets for the wrench as well, you can make sure that no nut or bolt is able to escape your grasp. Now, where did you put the 5/8’ head? What about the 1/4’ head? You’ve now run into a problem where you’ve misplaced all of your socket heads and cannot find them.

How can we remedy this solution? A socket wrench kit is excellent for not only carrying a wide variety of sockets but keeping them organized in proper size order as well. There are plenty of uses for a socket wrench kit, and you can browse here for more reasons on how a socket kit will make organizing easy.

Don’t get stuck struggling to tighten nuts or bolts with an improper socket head. Get yourself a good kit that will allow you to keep track of everything and turn yourself into the handy dad that you are.

Multi-Head Screwdrivers

This is the final and easiest tool that every handy dad should have. With old screwdrivers, you would have to have a different tool for each screwhead. Now with new multi-head screwdrivers, not only do you only need one tool for the job, but organizing just got a whole lot easier.

At the base of these screwdrivers is a compartment you can open up, and from there, pull out whatever head you need to. Need a star screwdriver head? No problem, just open up the bottom. Need to switch over to a flat head? Just go back to the bottom of that screwdriver.

This screwdriver is extremely portable and can be brought anymore and can be easily adjusted on the fly to meet the most intense of your handy projects. Any handy dad needs these tool organizers to help make their life that much easier.

From turning a tackle box into a storage space for screws and nails to getting a socket wrench kit to keep all your sockets sorted, organization goes a long way. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to find out where everything is. Use your time to get everything you need to do and then be proud of what you accomplished. What organization method are you going to use?

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