A Tool To Help You Track Your Weight Loss!

It seems like it is easy to gain weight but so hard to lose the weight once you have gained it.  I see people really doing their best to stay healthy by maintaining their weight.  Watching what you eat and making sure you get the exercise to burn the extra calories will surely do the job.  Sometimes it becomes easier when you have an aid like a tracker so that you can see your progress.

Thanks to technology, now there is a cool tool to help track your progress in the weight loss department.  The tool is called Shrinking! Shrinking is the easy, fast, and free way to track your weight and see your progress. Simply login and enter your weight. It automatically tracks your weight loss for you on their easy to read chart and shows you how you are progressing toward your goal.

The site is like a journal where you can place your goal and a timeline is shown.  There is also an area which is called a notebook where you can place your qualitative assessment and your day to day struggle and triumph. What worked for you and the steps of your progress are kept on a daily basis. It is always easiest to have a progress report, it helps one to focus on the daily achievements and avoid the pitfalls.

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