Top 10 Reasons To Use PDF Converter

Are you a freelancer working with texts? Or maybe you manage a business and need to handle piles of documents? In whatever field you work, sometimes, you need to send papers that contain important information that shall be protected from any modifications. Also, you might need to store the documentation on your server or any hardware, thus, the files shall not occupy a lot of space.

All in all, using an Excel or Microsoft Word file is sometimes not only inefficient but unsafe. Therefore, another file format shall be used. In most cases, users choose PDF format. It offers specific benefits that are irreplaceable in some cases:

  • PDF files cannot be modified without leaving a footprint in the document. This is one of the reasons why PDF files are accepted even in courts;
  • PDF files are lightweight, they occupy very little space on your hardware or server. Thus, there are no issues with their storage;
  • Files in this format are portable. It means that you can integrate them easily into any network.

Now, when you have a general idea about why PDF format is needed, let us check the main reasons why you might need to use PDF format.

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The Universal Character Of PDF Files

PDF format doesn’t depend on a specific device, OS, or whatever. For example, if you have created a document in Microsoft Word, you might have issues moving it to a Mac. While if you work with a file in PDF format, you can transfer it later to any device with any OS. It will look the same. You just download PDFChef for Mac and get access to the needed PDF file. This tool allows you not only to read PDF files but edit them, too. You can export files from Excel, JPG, Epub, and other applications, merge PDF or split PDF, etc.

Security Of PDF Files

Files in PDF format are difficult to edit. You need to use special software to convert PDF to Word or to make modifications in a PDF file. But even if you use the best online PDF converter, a footprint will be left in the file. Thus, everybody will be able to see that the file is modified.

They Are Easy To Create

PDF files are very easy to create. You can use any free PDF converter, such as PDFChef Online. It can convert to PDF (and from) any file. With PDFChef Desktop, you get a complete set of PDF tools to work with any file format.

PDF Files Are Free To Read

You don’t need to buy any special tool to read a file in PDF format. Most tools for reading PDF format are free. Adobe Reader is one of the most basic apps that allows you to open and read any PDF files. It usually comes preinstalled on your PC.

File Size Is Small

You can use any free PDF converter to convert files of any size into a compact PDF file. You can store huge volumes of information while using a little space.

An Ability To Be Interactive

PDF files can be easily turned into interactive files. You can embed the needed links, videos, or any other media on your PDF files, and share them with other users.

A High Accessibility Level

PDF files are universally accessible. You can add bookmarks, tags in the documents. Such files are easy to handle with a screen reader or a tool that converts text to speech. It means that the files can be easily accessed by people with disabilities.


All PDF files have a function that enables search based on a word or sentence choice. You can organize your PDF file conveniently by adding contents or link specific sections to particular pages, etc.

Top Protection Level

PDF files frequently contain sensitive data. Thus, the files shall be protected. Just protection from modifications isn’t sufficient sometimes. For such cases, you can create a password-protected PDF file. By sharing the password with selected users, you enable them to view the file content thus protecting the information from unsolicited access.

You need to use special software to protect your PDF file with a password. Among the most frequently used free tools are such as PDF Mate, PDF Creator, and similar.

Document Analytics

A document creator can see who is accessing the PDF document. Thus, if you see that some users got access who aren’t allowed to view the content, you can take immediate action.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of using PDF files make this format one of the most loved by users who value the security of the information they share, top accessibility, and ease of use. There are many free tools that can help you to handle the basic PDF functions which is also a great advantage compared to many other file formats.

If you want to explore the extensive functionality of PDF format, you can have a look at the PDFChef Editor trial version. If you see that this is the tool you have been looking for, you can purchase its paid version and use it on a daily basis.

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