Top 3 Simple Ways That Will Enable You Turn 404 Error Pages Into Sales

More often than not, when people come across an error page, they leave the website. Each site experiences this problem at one point in time. If you don’t take care of this problem, you will lose visitors big time.

How does one handle an error page? Can it be used to work for good? Error pages are disastrous. However, an astute business entrepreneur can turn it into an advantage. Are you wondering how? Below are simple ways to turn error pages into sales.

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1. Transform It Into A Search Box

When one is browsing through a site, it is often difficult to find the right content. However, when using onsite search, you can easily find anything. It will not only shorten your visit but also help achieve a goal fast. You can apply this method to an error page. If you wish to ensure visitors stay on your website, give them an option to search for your website.

Never leave an error page blank. Use adorable graphics that will lead the user to the right webpage. An error page doesn’t have to waste your space. It should work to direct traffic to your website. Always help visitors to drive sales through the roof. Make your website look professional

2. Transform It Into A Lead Magnet

For any online business to thrive, there must be lead magnets. Most people hardly convert on their first visit. You need to use a lead magnet to capture potential online clients. One way is via email addresses or an e-book. You can begin by turning the 404 error page into a lead magnet. It’s a unique way to capture emails. It will work well as it transforms a visitor into sales.

It needs to be creative, intriguing, as well as funny. The error page should contain something that will interest the visitor. The method can assist you in getting more emails, thus landing more sales. A website’s error page should make the user return to the homepage and more. You need to offer value.

3. Provide Coupons As An Exit Strategy

When it comes to taking advantage of an error page, you need to go head first. Offer incentives so that a user can stick around much longer. It’s difficult to make people stay on a website, let alone purchase a product.

You need to use any given opportunity to promote your brand. One way is by making use of the exit intent. It’s a basic idea where you offer coupons to clients. Nearly everyone likes a good discount.

When you let an error page offer coupons or discounts when leaving the page, it gives people a reason to stay. Exit intent coupons are fascinating tactics to transform a boring as well as conversion sabotaging error page. It turns it into a sales-generating killer machine


A 404 error page is a bane to the website. However, one can transform this distress into a sales-generating page. Always solve an online user’s problem and make their navigation easier. Let them not bounce off your site so quickly. Always leave a great impression on users. It will make them come back to your site.

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