404 Error Pages That Help Find Missing Children

Finally I’ve found something that makes my heart fill with hope. It comes as a technology solution that could mean a huge increase in spread when it comes to finding missing children. My heart always goes south when I hear about a child who’s been abducted or one who is missing. For a parent, it is a nightmare beyond scope, and a feeling you wouldn’t even wish on your worstenemy. We have all seen the news flashes about kids who’ve gone missing, and we are usually instructed to keep an eye out for them. But now there is a solution that could help locate them way faster. The project is called NotFound, and it’s put together by Missing Children Europe and Child Focus. It involves utilizing 404 error pages.

It’s a super genius approach, and I don’t know why someone hasn’t come up with it earlier. Every website has their share of 404 error pages every now and then. Usually when you are hit with one of the many 404 error pages out there, you get a message that simply reads something like “Page can’t be found.” Recently though, people have become more creative with their 404 error pages, and we have started to see some clever creatives and images. So, why not utilize those 404 error pages for something way more important?

That is exactly what the NotFound.org¬†project is all about. Instead of showing the user something useless, you can actually show a picture and description of a missing child. It would help deter abductions and bring back more children faster. The more people who know about it, the greater the chances of finding the child and bringing him or her back home. I can’t express how important I think this is. I am sure that it must be geo-optimized so it shows abductions in your local area, which would further increase the chances of locating a missing child. If not, they could and should definitely incorporate that. This is a technology that has huge potential and one that should be brought to everyone’s attention. It’s a genius solution to a heartbreaking problem. Please broaden the awareness by sharing this article!

NotFound.org’s Missing Children 404 Error Pages Solution


Via: [OhGizmo!]