Top 3 Options To Go For If You Plan To Buy A Tablet In 2018

With the changing trends in technology, opting for best smartphones, smartwatches and other gadgets have become common today. Compared to smartphones, tablets come with better keyboards and desktop type experience and this makes it simpler and easier for the users. Things are no different with tablets and today a good number of companies have managed to come up with a number of options for the tech freaky users. This means people have a bunch of tablets to check out and yes, to get confused while choosing the one tablet best suited for them.

So to help you out here are the top tablets options to choose from in 2018 and they are the following.

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New iPad

The New iPad was launched in 2017 by Apple. This device has much to offer you for what you paid for. It comes with the screen size of 9.7 inch and has RAM capacity of 2GB. You will be able to better picture quality on this device as it comes with the resolution of 1536 * 2048 pixels. Compared to its predecessor the device is cheaper and yes, thicker than Air 2.

If you are looking for a one with less memory space then let me tell you that you will not find one with 16 GB as the starting range is 32 GB. You can keep the iPad on to watch movies, surf on net as well as to play games and do a lot of things without having the fear of it getting it shut down as it comes with A9 powerful charger. In short, you get the best value for your money when you opt for it. To save more you can simply make use of TataCliq coupon when shopping online.

iPad Pro 10.5

This is the largest and the best version of the Pro. The screen size of the tablet is 10.5 inch and it comes with 1668 * 2224 pixel resolution. You can get amazing pictures using this iPad as it comes with a rear camera with12MP and front camera with 7MP values.  It is a matter of conflict whether this iPad is best but definitely in the second position when it comes to its price. The best thing is that you can have this device used to get the best of different apps available on the Apple Store. No doubt it is right for the professionals to use and yes, for those amateurs who are stepping into the business world.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

This is definitely an amazing addition to the world of technology from Samsung. The tablet comes with a screen size of 9.7 inches and has the screen resolution of 1536 * 2048. You can use this tablet to take amazing pictures as its front camera comes with 5 MP resolution and the rear one comes with 13 MP resolution.

It comes with an HDR-ready display which is just stunning and yes, the keyboard is a bit costly. The device comes with a higher price tag and is not that good enough like your laptop. Still, if you really want to spend some money buying this tablet better make use of Latest Indian Deals.

There are more you can go for or say check out like iPad mini 4, Microsoft Surface Pro, Asus ZenPad 3S 10, Google Pixel C, etc. For any tablet and its user, it is all about the best features it offers against what is paid.

Remember that spending much on such devices is not recommended as they will be out of trend soon and new ones will take up their place very soon. So just be wise and know why you want to have them in the first place. This will be enough to get you the answer.

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