Top 4 Robot Vacuums Which Can Keep Your Hardwood Floors Squeaky Clean

It might be extremely difficult to keep the hardwood floors clean especially when your house is filled with small children and pets. Once upon a time, all that you could seek help from for cleaning the hardwood floors was a mop and a broom. Although this procedure was pretty easy, it was inefficient and tedious at the same time since dust just kept on flowing away and accumulating at other places with every swipe of the broom.

Coming to modern times, an array of options has evolved for cleaning the hardwood flooring with the advent of technology. Today, we have accumulated a list of top four robotic vacuums which can be of great help in keeping your hardwood flooring dust free. The robotic vacuums can completely automate the home cleaning chores by warding away allergens and dust which are infamous in causing a series of ailments.

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1. iRobot Roomba 960

This hi-tech cleaner can be customized and scheduled using the smartphone directly given its compatibility with the Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa which allows you to use the robot cleaner even when you are not at home. It provides a cleaning cycle of up to 75 minutes’ courtesy the powerful batteries which are more than sufficient to take on a loft or a small-sized apartment. The iRobot Roomba automatically drives back to the docking station when the battery signal warning signs.

It again picks up the cleaning drill once the battery gets fully recharged precisely from where it had left off previously. The Roomba 960 brings along five times more air power with the improved AeroForce cleaning system to pave the way for more efficient and powerful cleaning. The vacuum can pick up debris, dirt and pet hair with equal ease while mopping through carpets and hardwood floors with its tangle-free brushes.

2. EufyRoboVac 11+

The Power Boost technology of this robot vacuum can pick up pet hair and dust especially from hardwood floors and carpets by increasing the suction power whenever felt necessary. The product also comes stocked with an innovative rolling brush to reduce trapping of sheets and rugs with its wider surface area compared to the ones used in other items.

It also comes with two additional brushes which are meant for cleaning various types of floors. Premium features of the Eufy which makes it stand out of the crowd are infrared sensor avoiding clashing with objects like décor items and furniture as well as an anti-scratch tempered glass cover to bring along increased protection.

Its drop-sensing technology avoids falling on products especially while cleaning the stairs. The RoboVac11+ delivers bombastic performance for 100 minutes and after that returns back to the docking station for being recharged.

3. PureClean PUCR25 V2

If you are on the lookout for a robot vacuum which is small and convenient at the same time, then the PUCR25 V2 can surely be your top pick. This wireless vacuum can thoroughly clean hardwood floors, tiles, and rugs in a matter of few minutes. Its anti-fall sensors can detect gaps to prevent the product from falling down the stairs.

At just 2.9 inches this ergonomically sized vacuum can find its way even under your bed or couch to provide you with spotless cleaning. Its HEPA filter aids in removing even the smallest of pet hairs and dust particles so that you can bid adieu to allergies which often get triggered by mold spores and bacteria.

4. The bObi Classic

This robot vacuum operates with three buttons named as Go, Juice and Waffle. The Go button makes use of a proprietary algorithm for cleaning the floor by initiating normal cleaning mode. The Waffle button is meant for cleaning small spots like sugar, milk or chocolate powder.

You can instruct the vacuum to resume its stable charging position through the Juice button. Cleaning programs can be scheduled through remote controlled operations in sync with your choice of cleaning mode. The bObi Classic is highly recommended for people suffering from asthma and allergies since it makes use of HEPA filters for trapping micro dust particles.

This vacuum can be used for cleaning hardwood floors and disinfecting them by attaching a mop extension with the mini mop cloth. This helps in bringing back the long-lost shine of the floor apart from picking up its dust and dirt which accumulates on a regular basis. The bObi Classic uses a side brush for cleaning sides and corners and two brushes for cleaning the surface areas.

It also sterilizes the surface through its inbuilt UV light while the sensors protect the device from dropping off stairs or crashing into walls.

So bring home a robotic help today and enjoy more fabulous time with your friends and family as these vacuums take up the cleaning chore to perfection. You can take a look at the robot vacuum reviews from Best For Your Home before deciding on your home improvement aid.

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