The Top 5 Smart Home Devices To Own

Companies around the world are releasing smart devices every year to make people’s lives more comfortable. With major companies making similar devices that are competing in the markets, there is a wide range of options available in each category, and that can lead to confusion. To simplify, here are five smart home devices that everyone should think about buying.

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Amazon Echo (3rd Generation)

This product uses the Amazon Alexa feature for voice control. It is better than the older versions because the increase in size gives more volume, and the sound can be adjusted with the equalizer app. They can also be used as Bluetooth speakers, for those that wish to play something from their mobile devices.

It has seven microphones, which makes it easier for the device to hear commands from across the room, or if the music is playing at a moderate volume. Because Echo is Amazon’s product, setting it up is much easier than third company devices that use Alexa. The Echo is not only a speaker, it can also control most smart-home devices.

Xenlock Pro

The new sentry mode on the Xenlock Pro will send a notification to the connected smartphone and ring an alarm, using the built-in speakers, in case someone tries to break into your home. Brilong’s Xenlock Pro also comes with different cameras.

People can connect their smartphone and see anyone who comes to their door, even if they are outside the house. If there is an Echo device in the house, it can be connected to Xenlock. Alexa can open the doors if there are any visitors, and also lock the doors. Brilong also has products that offer more features.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee released its fifth-generation thermostat that is voice-controlled. It can be easily set up and work with many third-party devices that are commonly used like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homekit, Samsung’s SmartThings, and others. The sensors can be placed in any room in the house to adjust hot and cold spots.

It can also detect when a person is entering or leaving the room to save energy and adjust the temperature. The thermostat can also be used for other purposes like hands-free calling, listening to music on Spotify, and can be connected to any Bluetooth speaker to play music.

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung has moved ahead with its SmartThings hub. It can be connected to various smart devices in your home to make life easier, whether you live in a house or an apartment. ADT sensors can be connected to send intruder alerts. Small appliances can be plugged into the SmartThings outlet to turn them on or off and monitor their energy usage.

When SmartThings multiple purpose sensors are connected with light bulbs, they will turn the lights on and off as a person enters or leaves the room. The ADT smoke alarm can be used to send alerts to the connected mobile device in case of fire.

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Philips manufactures three different kinds of smart bulbs. The white light bulbs can be adjusted between a dimming warm white light and a bright, comfortable light. The white ambiance bulbs can be set to any shade of white light. The white and colored ambiance bulbs offer the user to choose between 16 million colors as well as different shades of white light to create an atmosphere in the room. Unless there is a voice-controlled device like Amazon Alexa or Samsung SmartThings already at home to control the bulbs, a Phillips hub must be purchased.

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