Top Password Managers For Mobile Devices

The security of your devices is one of the hot topics of 2020. You will see various sophisticated tips on how to protect your phone or tablet. While many of them are useful, the reality is that most people suffer from making the simplest errors.

Many people are careless with their passwords and this is among the most common mistakes that leads to hacks. People still use easy to guess passwords like “qwerty”, while many users make another cardinal mistake and use the same password everywhere.

This can put you in a dangerous spot because if a hacker gets your password to one account, they have access to ALL your accounts. And If you have use an e-wallet for financial transactions, engage in online gambling, trade on exchanges, or do anything else related to real money, that could become a nightmare quickly.

The obvious way to solve the issue is to use different passwords everywhere. And since it can be hard to remember all of them, the recommended option is to find a reliable password manager tool. It’s easy to do this for a laptop or desktop computer but finding a solid mobile app that does the job can be a challenge. The following list of the top password managers for mobile devices will help.

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 One of the best solutions for mobile devices is Dashlane. The app works on both iOS and Android, so the most popular phones and tablets are supported. There are a couple of features that help the app stand out among other password managers. For a start, you can use multi-factor authentication that brings an additional level of security to all the secret codes you are storing. On top of that, you can sync with other devices or use the in-built VPN service and document storage.

There’s even a service that scans the dark web for data breaches and alerts you if there’s any danger for your information. That last pack of features is part of the Dashlane paid version, but there is a free option that covers most of the basics and allows you to store your credentials for up to 50 accounts.


Another excellent password manager that is available for iPhone, iPad and Android is RoboForm. You can store plenty of passwords for free and the app even warns you if they are weak, helping you generate stronger secret codes.

The premium version of RoboForm adds multi-factor authentication, the ability to sink your devices and contact the support of the company 24/7. Unlike the paid versions of most password managers, RoboForm is reasonably priced and cost less than $20 per year. Of course, the free variation can cover the needs of most people too.


Some of you might have heard of LastPass already, as it’s one of the most popular apps when it comes to password management. The company offers both free and paid apps for iOS and Android, as well as plugins for all mainstream browsers.

The user interface of LastPass is super intuitive, so you will learn to work with the app in no time at all. All the data stored by the password manager is encrypted and you can use multi-factor authentication for additional security. It gives you the option to also store your credit or debit card details, so you don’t have to fill them in every single time.

The best news is that most features of LastPass are available in the free version of the password manager. This is probably the best option on the market if you don’t want to pay any extra money. If you want the full version, you could get it for $3 per month which is reasonable enough.


If getting the highest level of security is your top priority, you should consider installing 1Password to handle your needs. The app works on iOS, Android and Windows Phones, as well as all popular web browsers.

Let’s start with the only downside of 1Password – the program doesn’t have a free version. There is a free trial for 30 days, though, so you can at least try the password manager before investing any cash.

The software includes two-factor authentication, the feature to temporarily remove important data when you are on the road, store credit card information and other useful perks. 1Password is an excellent solution in terms of both usability and security.

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