Touch Communication Bracelet Lets You Touch Someone Who Is Far Away

Ever since people have been falling in love on social media, they’ve been coming up with ways to bridge the distance. There have been a lot of ‘touch communication’ devices released. They’ve included everything from ways you can feel your loved one’s heartbeat to ways you can kiss and it supposedly feels real. They’ve all seemed a bit bizarre to me until I saw this one. It’s a simple bracelet that allows you to transmit a touch to someone special whenever the mood strikes you.

This touch communication tool is called Tactilu, and it’s currently a work in progress, so unfortunately it’s not available quite yet. It’s an innovative example of wearable tech which can actually bring people closer together, regardless of how far away they are. It doesn’t communicate voice. It only communicates touch. I could see this particular tactile communication method becoming popular.

This tech touch communication bracelet uses Nitinol springs and quantum tunneling composite (QTC) for the touch sensor. What that means is instead of a motorized, unnatural touch feeling like a buzz, this bracelet will convey a touch that feels more organic and real. Of course, in order for this bracelet to work, it requires a Bluetooth Internet connection via smartphones.

If you click over to Vimeo, you can read more about this and see all the people who are behind this innovative technology. As we transition into a place where we become one with technology (by wearing it), we are able to have more intimate experiences with it. There is a reason why wearable tech is becoming so popular.

The days of carrying around a laptop or being confined to a desk in order to feel the effects of technology are becoming confining. Even smartphones can’t provide the type of personal tech experience that this does. I am looking forward to when this touch communication bracelet is completed.

Tactilu Touch Communication Bracelet

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Via: [Fashioning Tech]