Heartbeat Phone: The Smartphone With A Beating, Ringing Heart

The mobile technology world seems to bring a never-ending stream of new ideas and products that have changed our lives forever.

We have recently seen bendy phones appearing all over the web and Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense concept is a glimpse into the future. As our lives are increasingly going mobile, we rely on our smartphones more and more. In this way, people are becoming more attached and even intimate with them (Japan is an excellent example of a country that illustrates this).

Just when you thought that relationship couldn’t get any more intense, the Heartbeat Mobile Phone concept comes into the mix. Korean designer Sang Hoon Lee sees an inflating and deflating phone as an alternative method of receiving calls. On his website, he adds that “perhaps a mobile phone will soon become one’s second avatar to express the person.” The concept explores the idea of being able to detect the emotional state of the person calling. You simply ‘pop’ the inflated phone to answer! In a similar way to Apple’s dock icons, the icons on the Heartbeat Phone will increase in size when you hover over them.

Now, this is only in the conceptual phase but imagine what game developers could create with this mobile interface. You could have games like ‘Whac-A-Mole‘ where small areas of the phone inflate and deflate as the characters pop up and down.

How do you see this phone developing? What features would you like to see?

Cell Phone Heartbeat Concept Technology
Cell Phone Heartbeat Concept Technology
Cell Phone Heartbeat Concept Technology

Via: [Yanko Design]