Touch-Interactive Business Card Puts You In The Spotlight

How many times have you handed over a business card, and at the very same moment, wondered if it would be lost before the person that you are handing it to even gets back to his or her office? It happens to a lot of people, believe me. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with how important you are. It is part of what determines your first impression of people as well. Sometimes it can all come down to what kind of business card you hand over. If it’s just another printed business card with a fancy glossy finish to it, you can be sure it has been seen before. So how do you go about changing that and increasing your chances of being remembered? You would possibly do much better with this new touch-interactive business card that has a bunch of LED lights incorporated into it.

Everyone wants to make a lasting first impression. It will benefit you in your continued interaction with the person you have just met. However, in a world filled with ingenious creativity and innovation, standing out can be hard. You will have to hand over something quite extraordinary in order to really catch the person off guard, which in turn will trigger him or her to enter a lasting memory into his or her subconscious. It’s a task that is anything but easy, but this touch-interactive business card could be your ticket to success.

It’s developed by Jeff Kickliter and is somewhat of a reversed engineered touch phone hybrid mini creation with LED lights going off as soon as you put your finger(s) on it. At an event where the light isn’t too bright, this business card will surely make a lasting impression. Its touch-interactive surface will make sure that every time this new contact of yours checks out your business card, it will light up like a Christmas tree. It may possibly even make other people want to check it out too, which will further lock down your supreme ingenuity.

Jeff Kickliter’s Touch-Interactive Business Card


Via: [DVICE]