Touch Sensitive Poster With Conductive Paint Is A Musical Instrument

Back in the old days, before technology was all around us, people really only had two options to make music. They either had to buy a musical instrument, or they had to make a musical instrument. These days, having an instrument to make music is just an option. To a professional musician, none of the alternatives would be considered real options. But to an amateur, other music-infused devices are fun. I just never thought it would be in the form of conductive paint.

One of the most successful kickstarter campaigns of all time, and the one I remember most, was the introduction of a Makey Makey. It’s a kit that can be used to turn anything into a touchpad, and it’s what J.Viewz used to play a cover of “Teardrop” (a ’90s song from Massive Attack) on an eggplant, grapes, mushrooms, strawberries and a carrot. Yep, he turned fruits and vegetables into musical instruments. You can read more about that on Play Music With Tech-Infused Fruits & Veggies.

We also recently featured the Korg Kaossilator 2, which is an inexpensive, handheld synthesizer that allows anyone to create full-length music tracks without an instrument. Today I’d like to share with you another unusual way you can create music (or a combination of sounds). It’s on this touch-sensitive poster that was created with conductive paint.

According to the designers’ website, Trapped in Suburbia, “This poster with conductive paint makes sounds when you touch it. Simply move your had over the different shapes to create different sounds. It is a first in a series of self initiated experiments where we explore the boundaries of design where analog meets digital.” I don’t have any experience with conductive paint, and this is something I would love to try firsthand.

This Poster Made With Conductive Paint Plays Like An Instrument




Via: [psfk]