Touchable Holograms Are Now A Reality!

It is about time that we get some news about this whole holographic world that we keep seeing in movies. We’ve seen it in Star Wars, Minority Report and of course Star Trek. However, until now, we haven’t really been able to master the science of creating working and realistically looking holograms. All that has changed thanks to a Japanese scientist who wanted to make holograms much more than just a beam of light showing an object.

He and his team managed to create a touchable hologram that will give you both the feeling of interaction as well as the sensation of actually touching the object itself. Many people might wonder why in the world would you want to touch a hologram. Well, it’s simple really. The application has many uses. As explained in the clip, the medical profession is in dire need of a non contaminating way of working. This would lead to far less infections and the patients would recover much faster.

Also, the touchable holograms are great for communication and entertainment. With a touchable hologram, you could shake hands and exchange virtual documents with your hands instead of having to point and click on the screen. Some people even predict that this solution will have a huge impact on the adult industry as well. Even though it wouldn’t exactly change the world, the far better touchable hologram telephone call would infinitely upgrade the feeling of being close to your friends and family. Exchanging a virtual hug is no longer just words; it’s an actual action.