Touchscreen Desk Already Exists & Comes With A $7,000 Price Tag

There was an insanely positive response to my touchscreen desk article yesterday. It seems people really like the concept of having their very own hub from where they can do everything. The concept as a whole is of course not new in any way, but it’s the realization itself that might be a little tricky. The technology behind a touchscreen desk is simply too expensive to make a product that is commercially practical. But there might still be hope.

As a matter of fact, there is already a touchscreen desk on the market that might just make your every dream of owning your own touchscreen desk a reality. It comes from Mozayo and is a multi touch solution that reminds me a lot of the touchscreen desk concept I wrote about yesterday. This particular touchscreen desk runs Genuine Windows 8 Pro and is a beast of a technology. Using App Player, the table also enables you to inject whatever Android application you might desire. It’s a powerful touchscreen desk that could very well become a tool in your office which proves to be just the thing that boosts your creativity.

If you feel the urge to get one of these touchscreen tables in your office, be prepared to spend a hefty buck. The table currently comes with a price tag of around $7,000 (for the cheapest one). It’s a price that might make this table just a little too expensive for most people, but it’s no doubt an insanely interesting concept. It could possibly take our offices into the future in an instant. I sure wouldn’t mind being able to see everything I am doing on a slightly pivoted desk in front of me. Just the thought of being able to have a complete overview of all my social networking profiles, documents, designs and code is a thought I will be looking forward to realizing. Whether or not this touchscreen desk will become a commercial success remains to be seen. But there is still loads to be done in order to get the price down just a tad.

Mozayo’s Innovative Touchscreen Desk

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