Touchscreen Desk Is Your Ultimate Interactive Office Solution

How would you envision your ultimate office device? Would it be a gadget or an entire desk solution? I guess it depends on what your needs are. I’m pretty sure that fax machines, bulky screens, telephones and pretty much everything considered ’90s technology would be gone. Steve Jobs once said that touchscreen monitors were redundant, and I think we could all agree on that. But what about touchscreen desks? Would that be a more suitable approach?

Illustrator and designer Adam Benton has a radical idea about how we could reinvent the office with one unique device. Not surprisingly, it’s called the iDesk, and it will perform quite impressive tasks. The touchscreen desk itself is a hybrid solution that will recognize almost any device put on it. Based on Microsoft’s Surface concept, this desk will allow you to update your calendar, sort, edit and write digital documents, manage files and a whole lot more. It’s not hard to understand why a touchscreen desk like this could reinvent the office and possibly once and for all create a solution that fits everyone.

It would become a highly productive solution with constant Internet interaction. Imagine a life where you have a continuous easy access to your to-do lists and post-it notes. Imagine managing your social networking profile on this desk. It would make for a new kind of user interface where you would instantly see if you have received interaction from your following. I can’t imagine why this thing wouldn’t be the ultimate office solution.

The “pivotable” touchscreen desk would also become a great tool for presentations. Just pivot it, and you would have yourself a fully interactive touchscreen presentation display. There are literally unlimited ways you could utilize this touchscreen desk. Maybe even that iMac sitting on it would become redundant. So far, this is just a concept design, but you have to agree that it would be pretty inspiring and productive to have one of these in your office. Hopefully it won’t be too long before someone realizes that and manufactures one.

Adam Benton’s iDesk Touchscreen Desk Office Solution



Via: [Mac|Life]