TRON Mouse: A Must See Branded Light Path Gadget!

I embarked on a TRON crusade this morning cause I wanted to know what the exact date is when the movie will be released. I ended up checking out page after page of TRON madness, and I came across some rather crazy stuff. I saw everything from motorcycle jackets to posters, all intended to keep us drooling for the movie. As you know, when a movie is released, they always try to make some extra bucks (truck loads of it rather) by widening the franchise to include everything from Happy Meals to books.

That’s why I jumped when I came across this highly anticipated branded TRON mouse and pad. At first I was, just like you probably are right now, a little skeptical and wondering why I would get a new mouse when I already have one from Apple (we love Apple, don’t we?). However, after checking out the clip, I understood that in order to geek out my office, this is what I need.

Not only does the mouse light up when used (just like the clothes, bikes and pretty much everything else that is in that movie), but it also has a mouse pad that is quite unique. When you move the mouse around you’ll notice a rather cool light path back tracking the mouse. If this is not geek awesomeness, I don’t know what is. I can picture myself playing with this for hours on end while working on articles and designs in my already quite gadgetized office, or “lair” as I like to call it…

The price isn’t set yet, and the release date isn’t available. However, it is one heck of a mouse, and if needed, I’m sure there will be a keyboard to accompany these as well. Check out Razer’s website for more info.