Tymate TPMS – The Best Product A Driver Could Ask For [Review]

If you’re like many folks, driving is probably your main source of transportation. But constantly adding to your car’s mileage puts a lot of stress on it - particularly its tires. And when this happens, flats, blowouts, and a whole bunch of other issues can arise, landing you either stranded on the side of the road or in a tire shop ready to write out a hefty check. Want to help prevent this situation? Investing in the Tymate TPMS is a good yet affordable first step.

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Tymate Functionality

So, just what is that? The Tymate is a unique tire pressure monitoring system that, well, does precisely what it sounds like. When properly hooked up in your car, the Tymate tracks the volume of air in your tires with the help of low energy-consumption external sensors and displays this information on an LCD monitor.

Mounted close to the wheel, these metrics are always easily accessible, allowing people the ability to keep a close eye on their pressure even when driving. No more having to pull over and check your tire pressure by hand with those finicky little gauges? Nope, and we couldn’t be happier to hear it.

The Tymate doesn’t only track and display base air pressure, though. This sophisticated monitoring system will actually alert you when there’s a problem, rather than simply relying on you to compare psi values from day to day.

Five different alarms will ring out when issues are detected, and each of these modes can be customized by the user.

Considering that many competitors don’t include this feature even for their more expensive system lines, this really makes the Tymate great bang for your buck. It’s better for your tires, too, since different brands, sizes, rubber composition, and car make/model influence the amount of air pressure that will offer the best results.

Others don’t properly consider this, which can give off inaccurate alerts that make a tire pressure monitoring system more of a hindrance than a help. But the Tymate accounts for these and provides plenty of personalization to keep your car working at its very best.

Useability & Helpfulness

We can finally get into the user experience side of things with introductions out of the way. At its core, the Tymate is like a lot of other gadgets on the market. It isn’t intended to be a major revelation for drivers everywhere. After all, though it isn’t always the most accurate or fun thing to do in the world, you can already track tire pressure by frequent checks with a little pressure gauge. Instead, the Tymate is meant to be an easy-to-use quality of life upgrade, taking care of this small task on its own so you don’t have to.

Does it get the job done well, or should you take a couple of extra minutes and do it yourself? Your mileage may vary (pun obviously intended), but we totally think this TPMS is worth every penny and more.

Once you get used to it, you’ll never want to go back to checking pressure the old-fashioned way. Having all the stats right at hand is super nice and really puts you at ease, especially if you’re someone who seems to chronically deal with tire problems. They’re always only a quick glance away, and that does an excellent job of giving you peace of mind.

With the Tymate, you don’t have to constantly worry about leaks or temperature spikes. If either of these become a problem, the system will let you know, and you can simply focus on the road and your surroundings until then. This tech makes you drive even safer and reduces anxiety at the same time - something that genuinely makes the driving experience better all around.

Beyond the system constantly monitoring things for you, we also love it because it’s always right on the money. Most of us have some pretty old tire pressure gauges hanging out in our center consoles, and those aren’t always the most accurate. Meanwhile, the Tymate is thanks to its external sensors, with accuracy coming in around ±1.5PSI,±0.1BAR. For those who aren’t as fluent in car, these are excellent figures that’ll ensure you always know exactly how much pressure’s in your tires.

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Basic Design

Whether a product works well or not is definitely the most important factor to know before handing over your hard-earned cash. But smaller, more surface-level details still matter and are often the factors that help decide what brands you purchase and what you skip out on. Even basic design means something, and the Tymate does pretty well here.

Look at nearly anything on the car-accessories market, and you’ll notice the majority share something in common: they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing. They have a tendency to be kind of big, bulky, and frankly, a little ugly. Many displays are also often cluttered, dim, or generally hard to navigate, directly impacting their operation.

Tymate doesn’t struggle nearly as much as competing products. Admittedly, the look isn’t anything very fancy, but it is still a nice addition to one’s dash. Small and unobtrusive, it doesn’t look at all out of place no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, yet it remains plenty big enough for easy reading - a must-have if you’re going to be glancing at it going down the road.

The display utilizes a smart screen, too, giving the Tymate the edge over other tire pressure monitoring systems for sale online. Since it’s got some intelligent tech built right in, the TPMS automatically adjusts the backlight level depending on environmental lighting and changes colors with alerts for better tire condition awareness. Both are small minutia in the grand scheme, yet it adds up to make the Tymate a truly great product rather than just a good one.

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