Ultimate Food Feeder Gaming Helmet Now Unveiled

As a gamer, you know there will always be new things announced that will make your gaming experience a lot more epic – everything from virtual reality glasses to unearthly chairs. The ingenuity amongst inventors is spiking right now, and it’s not hard to see, especially when you look at what some companies are willing to do in order to launch their newest and coolest product. That became clear for YouTube star Tom Syndicate when a new food feeder gaming helmet was delivered to his doorstep.

Gamers have always been a breed of their own. They can sit in front of their screens for hours without doing anything other than trying to make it to the next level. When it comes to Minecraft though, it has always been about “just one more block.” Tom (Syndicate) was invited to collaborate with a couple of companies called Mattessons and Fridge Raiders on new ways gamers could be fed while they are playing games. The final result was delivered yesterday in one of the most epic ways you could ever imagine.

Tom was not the only one involved with the development, even though he was the primary collaborator on the project. As a matter of fact, 15,000 people were involved. They sent in their own food feeder devices in hopes that one of their ingenious ideas would become reality. In the end, it became a combination of all of the ideas sent in. So what was it? What was it that Mattessons had been working on, and how could it change the way gamers eat in front of their computers? Would this food feeder be as awkward as pausing in the middle of a Mortal Kombat battle?

Well, the final food feeder gaming helmet is dubbed the MMM 3000, and it is a sight for sore eyes. It could possibly be one of the coolest gaming accessories you could ever own. So far, this is just a prototype, but you can expect to hear more from these companies in the future. So what does it serve? Well, in the demonstration, it serves Fridge Raiders, and they look damn good too! Could this food feeder gaming helmet possibly be the ultimate gaming helmet of all time? We will let you decide.

The MMM 3000 Food Feeder Gaming Helmet