Unleashing Productivity: Top 10 Best VS Code Extensions For React Development

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has established itself as the preferred integrated development environment (IDE) for many developers, and React enthusiasts are no exception.

The extensibility of VS Code through a vast array of extensions has become instrumental in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of React development. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the top 10 VS Code extensions that are essential for React developers.

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1. ESLint: Elevating Code Quality and Consistency

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Maintaining a high code quality and consistency standard is paramount in React development. ESLint stands as a stalwart tool in achieving this goal. The ESLint extension for VS Code integrates seamlessly with the ESLint tool, providing real-time feedback on code quality and style.

By identifying and rectifying common programming errors and enforcing coding standards, ESLint ensures that React code remains clean, efficient, and adheres to best practices.

2. Dhiwise: Manage All Your Application Code From DhiWise To VS Code

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DhiWise is a comprehensive platform for web and mobile application development. Whether you’re working with React, Flutter, Kotlin, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, or MySQL, DhiWise provides a unified environment for efficient development and database management.

To make the developer’s coding experience more streamlined and customizable, the platform provides Visual Studio Code extension. So, the developers can effortlessly synchronize their application code in just a few clicks, enabling quick and hassle-free customization in Visual Studio Code.

3. Prettier: Streamlining Code Formatting

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Code formatting debates can be a time-consuming distraction for developers. Prettier, a powerful code formatter, resolves these discussions by automating the formatting process.

The VS Code extension for Prettier seamlessly integrates this tool, allowing developers to define and enforce a consistent code style effortlessly. With Prettier, code formatting becomes a non-issue, freeing developers to focus on writing clean and error-free React code.

4. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2: Enhancing Code Readability

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React development often involves intricate nested JSX structures, making it challenging to track opening and closing brackets visually. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 addresses this challenge by colonizing matching brackets with distinct colors.

This enhancement improves code readability, making it easier for developers to navigate through complex React components. This extension reduces the likelihood of syntax errors and enhances overall code comprehension by providing a visual representation of bracket pairs.

5. Live Server: Real-Time Previews For React Applications

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Previewing React applications in real-time is crucial for developers to ensure proper rendering and functionality. Live Server, a VS Code extension, simplifies this process by providing a local development server with live reload functionality.

Activating Live Server allows developers to launch a development server with a single click, instantly reflecting any changes made to the React code in the browser. This feature accelerates the development process and facilitates real-time testing and debugging.

6. Auto Import: Automatically Finds, Parses, And Provides Code Actions

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Effortlessly identify, parse, and offer code actions and completion for every available import with automatic precision. Compatible with both TypeScript and TSX, this tool ensures a seamless experience in enhancing your coding efficiency.

7. Debugger For Chrome: Seamless Debugging Integration

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Debugging React applications often involves interaction with the browser’s developer tools. Debugger for Chrome is a valuable VS Code extension that enables seamless integration with the Chrome browser’s debugging capabilities. With this extension, developers can set breakpoints, inspect variables, and debug their React applications directly from the VS Code environment.

8. GitLens: Version Control Mastery

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Effective version control is a cornerstone of successful software development. GitLens is a feature-rich extension that enhances the Git experience within VS Code. For React developers collaborating on projects, GitLens provides valuable insights into code changes, commit history, and team contributions, fostering a collaborative and well-organized development environment.

9. Jest: Testing Excellence

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Testing is an integral part of React development, and Jest is a popular testing framework for JavaScript applications. The Jest extension for VS Code integrates seamlessly with Jest, providing a user-friendly interface for running tests, viewing results, and navigating through test files. With this extension, React developers can ensure the reliability and functionality of their code through efficient testing.

10. Path Intellisense: Smart Path Autocompletion

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Navigating through file paths in a React project can be time-consuming, especially as the project grows. Path Intelligence is an innovative VS Code extension that provides auto-completion for file paths, making it easier for developers to locate and import files. This extension enhances productivity by reducing the likelihood of typos and speeding up the process of file path resolution.


In the ever-evolving landscape of React development, harnessing the power of the right tools is essential. The top 10 VS Code extensions discussed – ESLint, Prettier, React Developer Tools, Bracket Pair Colorizer 2, Live Server, Auto Import, Debugger for Chrome, GitLens, Jest, and Path Intellisense – collectively form a comprehensive toolkit that addresses various facets of the development lifecycle.

From ensuring code quality and formatting consistency to simplifying debugging, testing, and enhancing overall efficiency, these extensions cater to the diverse needs of React developers.

As we explore the expansive realm of development tools, it’s noteworthy to mention an innovative platform redefining the development landscape – DhiWise. Positioned as the only ProCode/LowCode platform for web and mobile app developers, DhiWise introduces a paradigm shift in developing applications.

This revolutionary platform integrates professional coding with low-code development, empowering developers to accelerate workflows, reduce development time, and create robust applications.

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