How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Ladies and gentlemen, the most expected phablet of the year is out. And guess what, it’s not called Note 6, but Samsung Galaxy Note 7! Yes, Sammy ditched a generation and preferred a full 7-based line-up this year, and we can totally understand their decision. However, we’re not here to discuss marketing…

The Galaxy Note 7 is an expensive phone, and this is not a surprise, considering its design and specs. However, carriers will quickly add it to their offer, and you will be able to get it for way less money, but only if you sign a two-year contract. The biggest downside of this move is that your phone will be locked to a single network. And what happens if you find a better offer and want to switch carriers? Well, you unlock it of course!

After a quick search on Google you will come across three main methods to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 7: rooting, contacting your carrier and by code.

Rooting can work, but it required proper documentation, and it should be done by somebody experienced. Of course, there’s always the risk to totally damage your phone! As for contacting your carrier, most of them won’t agree to unlock your phone or, if they do it, the price for this operation is ridiculous. Therefore, there’s just one method left: unlocking by code.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Find An Online Code Provider

Even though there are a lot of options, just a few services are trustworthy. and are two of them, chosen by thousands of users who have successfully unlocked their phones.

2. Place Your Order

You can place an order on their websites or through the UnlockScope App available on Play Store. To receive the code, you need to provide the following information about your phone:

  • The name and the country of the network you originally bought your phone from
  • The phone’s IMEI, which can be found by dialing *#06#
  • A valid email address, where you will receive the code

After this step, proceed to payment.

3. Receive The Code And Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S7

Depending on the price option, you will receive the code and additional unlocking instructions in a few minutes or hours.

Insert a SIM card from an unsupported network in your Samsung, other than the one you’re currently using and wait for it to display a message like “Network Unlock PIN” or similar and a special field for the code.

Using the keyboard, insert the code and hit the “Unlock” button. In a few seconds, your Galaxy Note 7 will be unlocked, allowing to use it with any carrier around the world. And that’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

Unlocking will bring you several advantages, one of the most important ones being the ability to avoid roaming fees when traveling abroad, by replacing your SIM with a local one. Also, don’t forget that you will eventually want to sell your phone. Unlocking it will increase your chances to find a buyer way quicker!

As you can see, there’s no doubt that unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by code is one of the best decisions you can take! Therefore, what are you waiting for? Do it now!

How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 7