USB Power Outlet: Soon Gracing The Wall Of Your Home

As more and more USB devices and accessories are created and put on the market, there is an ever increasing demand for USB chargers. There are hundreds and hundreds of customized chargers that all connect to either a transformer USB charger or directly to your computer or car. People have long tried to manage their USB ports by plugging all their USB devices into their limited number of USB ports, but space is running out fast. We end up buying a USB adaptor to connect more USB devices. This is; however, the ultimate money sink since the power of your computer might not be able to charge the larger devices.

That is all about to change! Designers and developers Lv Jianhua, He Dawei, Zhou Hanxiao & Xu Yao snagged a iF Concept Award for their unique, simple and straight forward design to eliminate that problem and money sink. They created the stylish wall mounted USB power outlet. The two USB outlets sit snugly beside the normal three-pin socket and make for a brilliant place to charge your USB devices.

Named the “USB Plug Seat,” it could really change the way we use USB devices since all we will need is a USB cable and we’re all set. We could potentially charge our devices anywhere… the airport, cafe, library or of course at home. Anywhere really, and it would make your luggage a bit lighter as well. Carrying around a bulky power transformer just to get your USB to plugin to the normal outlet is not exactly the ultimate solution if you ask me. Great thinking makes for great living.