USB Powered Mini Microwave

At this day and age, where life has become fast paced, everything on the go, hurray for technology,  check out Beazawave.  The world’s smallest microwave was thought to measure just 267mm x 254mm x 305mm, until Heinz approached GAMA Microwave Technology Limited and rewrote the rule book that is.

The prototype Beanzawave is just 150mm x 160mm x 190mm, the itty-bitty dimensions being achieved by the use of mobile phone radio frequencies to heat the food both inside and out. Safety features like protective walls and the power being cut when the door is opened means that it also conforms to all safety standards expected of a microwave oven. And it’s power is provided by connecting it to a USB port on a desktop PC or laptop, offering numerous scenarios for enjoying hot meals on the go.  What is also great about it is that, developers of the product says that the Beanzawave was developed not  to be able to claim to be the smallest but to ease the stress of the working man, specially those who have to skip meals because of the work load.