Use Words Instead of Numbers for Your Lock Combination!

Locks are great, they help us feel secure in knowing that our possessions are safe. When we go to gym, we feel so much better knowing that our stuff is locked away in our locker. When we travel, we feel so much more relaxed knowing we have everything under lock and key.

I prefer using a padlock with a combination rather than a key lock. There was one occasion when I went to Bangkok on holiday with friends, and I lost the small key that comes with the padlock. It was a good thing that the inspector did not ask for my bag to be opened or else I would have been in trouble! The drawback with combination locks is that you can forget the combination. It is such a hassle, especially during inspections. Once you forget the combination, you may have to ask someone to help you unlock it, or worse yet, destroy the lock altogether.

For people who have trouble remembering numbers, there is a new lock called Wordlock. The device uses sets of letters that you can form as your password. The Wordlock is TSA certified which means airport security won’t have to use bolt cutters. You can check out the video below for more information!