Creative Locks Will Lock Your Doors Beautifully At Night!

Design stretches way farther than we sometimes think about. It’s not limited to pretty pictures, beautiful shapes of a cellphone or the power of a revving engine. It’s a part of everything that you can see or hear. Everything has a certain design that fits the object best, or at least that is what we all think. We have designed and redesigned so many things throughout the years since human beings first picked up a tool, and we have learned that there is no such thing as a finished design. It might be finished for the moment, but things can always be refined. That’s why we continuously see new generations of products being launched over and over again almost to insanity.

The one thing that keeps us safe throughout the night, a lock, is the one thing we haven’t seen that many generations or refinements of. It’s pretty much stayed the same for decades. Even though there are several smaller changes done to increase their security, the basic theme has always been the same. You use either a key or a code. That’s pretty much what we’ve experienced so far.

However, Comfortable Discomforts has come up with a way more interesting way to create locks that will redefine and redesign the ultimately boring look of the lock. Whether it’s more secure or not is not the point here. The point seems to be to renegotiate the terms of how a lock interacts with our everyday visual experience. Locks have been a metal bulk of a lump in our doors, but now you can distinguish a pattern, even though it might be fragile, weird looking or even less secure. I guess these are meant to grace our cabinet doors rather than the tight seals of our front door. To me, some of these are quite creative, and I sure wouldn’t mind adding a few of these to some of the doors in the kitchen. Or, at least, it deserves a thought…