Utopian Future: The Internet Connects Everything [Infographic]

Think about how many things in our lives are connected somehow to the Internet. When I use the word things, I mean actual things. For example, these things might include our alarm clocks, our coffee makers, our cars, our television, our gaming consoles, etc…

Everyone knows the Internet is growing at an exponential rate, but did you know that it’s growing so fast that by the end of 2011, 20 households will generate more Internet traffic than the whole Internet had in 2008? Now here’s the part that is going to blow your mind…

You would logically think that with all this additional Internet traffic, that would mean that we would spend more time on the Internet too, right? That is not necessarily true. With the rate that technology is advancing, it turns out, these things we own which will be connected more and more to the Internet will interact with each other, not so much with us. It all seems very existential and Star Trek like, but it may be closer than we realize. You can read a fabulous article by Arik Hesseldahl entitled Cisco Reminds Us Once Again How Big the Internet Is, and How Big It’s Getting if you would like to learn more about this. He explains it all in a way that takes us through the step-by-step process for how this could happen. Nuts!

Internet Connects Everything Infographic

Internet Connects Everything Infographic

Internet Connects Everything Infographic

Via: [GeekOSystem]